Updates coming soon!

We knew going into this there'd be bugs even after we had multiple testers help us catch the major issues. If you're one of the early people to play Alterium Shift and see some minor annoyance, feel free to lets us know by stopping by our Drattzy Games discord server.

In the meantime, there's a lot of work in flight now, and when we're ready for the next release here are some things to expect:

  1. Mac OS release
  2. Grammar fixes across the board
  3. New searchable items
    1. And very bad puns
  4. Benches you can sit in everywhere
  5. Updates to the hourglass quest (what, you haven't discovered this yet?)
  6. Shortened intro battle
    1. We currently did this by making Dolion hit harder

Here are some other features we're looking at (but may not be in our next release)

  1. Autosave feature
    1. We noticed some people don't use save (or realize it's there) 
    2. So, we'll find a cadence of auto-save to protect the player from a major mistake / quitting the app and losing their progress accidentally!
  2. Quest Log
    1. We've talked about a way to track progress on quests and provide something players can look at
    2. This isn't built-in functionality for Smile Game Builder, so we're looking at the best way to implement it!
  3. Steam Achievements
    1. Though the steam version hasn't launched yet, we're trying to get some achievements in place before (or just after) it becomes available on steam!

That's all for now folks, we'll keep you posted as we make more progress!

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