Alterium Shift Demo v1.02 Update

We're at it again with another update to the Alterium Shift Demo Version. 

 In this update we added a graphical interface for when checking the Bulletin Board. It will let you know when you have completed a request as well. 

In this version we fixed:

-Issues with sitting in the bench causing random game lock up. 

-Issues with sitting in the benches while holding a chicken, chicken would disappear. You can no longer sit in the benches while holding a chicken.

 -Issues with being able to access areas of the game you're not supposed to due to transfer collisions not triggering properly.

- Various grammatical mistakes.

Thank you to everyone who has provided their feedback so far! We'll continue to take feedback and implement requested features (within reason) into the game.  

Mac Users: Please use a software like "Unarchiver" to extract the game to be able to play.

Files 124 MB
Jun 09, 2021 125 MB
Jun 09, 2021

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