Demo v1.01 Now Available!

Hello everyone! We're excited to announce we've already updated the demo!

This is a minor update that includes:
1. Increased Dolion's attack damage during the test in hopes to shorten the test/first fight.

2. Trading now includes a graphical interface. 

3. All benches in the outdoor area of Summiton can now be sat on.

4. Updated the hourglass puzzle/quest.

5. Some grammar mistakes were corrected (but there could still be some left)

6. Fixed some infinite item/money bugs. (sorry not sorry)

7. Mac version of the demo!
         -We recommend you use and extractor like "Unarchiver" to extract the game and to allow apps not from the app store for it to be functional on mac.

Known issues with v1.01:

- There seems to be a random issue occurring when sitting on a bench, or interacting with it in a random fashion. The game could potentially hard lock. We are currently researching this issue to patch it out as quickly as possible. Please remember to save your game often. 

-Held chicken disappears when sitting

-There's a bug that lets you pass over transfer events allowing you to access parts of the map you are not supposed to.

We'll continue to take your feedback and implement what we can (within reason). Thanks so much to those who have already played the demo and provided your feedback, thanks to you, this update was possible!

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Jun 05, 2021 129 MB
Jun 05, 2021

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